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As the popularity of e-commerce increases, more and more websites are being developed to allow shoppers to give feedback about the products they use. The idea of customer reviews is not really new. It is something that started way before the Internet became widespread and shoppers began using it to shop. Earlier on, customer reviews appeared on Consumer Reports Magazine where they were used to rate products or services according to elements like dependability, price, quality, customer support and how well companies kept their warranty promises. Today, people are using social media to let others know what their experiences with difference products or services have been. This is encouraging because it sheds light for customers who are shopping the same services or products. It makes them wiser shoppers because they are able to make purchase decisions from an informed point of views. The writing industry is in dire need of such a practice because such a practice will enable students to find the quality writing services that they need.

Reasons of Reviewing Writing Services

Every time a student places a writing order, he or she takes a serious risk because they have no idea about the company that they are assigning their assignment to and cannot tell how good they are at delivering the kind of services they require. To begin with, there are far too many writing services online to an extent that finding a good one is such an uphill task. Due to this, most students end up sending their work to sham companies that disregard every writing requirement and instead produce low quality, plagiarized work assembled by unskilled writers.

This is why we have set up We want to change this and ensure that students can share their experiences online and educate each other with the aim of ensuring that they get quality services for the money they pay. We ask them to review writing companies that have worked for them on this website. By doing so, they popularize the companies that provide quality services at reasonable prices so that other students can know about them when they visit this website.

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How we Rate and Rank Companies

As soon as we receive customer reviews and complete our own research on writing companies, we analyze the findings and begin rating each writing company using a scale that features the quality of products they produce, meeting time deadlines, pricing, customer service and completeness of the products that they submit. We then rank them using a numerical score in such a way that companies with the best performance are ranked highly on the list. We go ahead and publish these reports on this website so that students can access it free of charge and use it to identify writing companies that can best address their writing needs.

Many other Resources

This website also offers visitors more resources that can help them find reputable writing services. The videos below are from such companies and show the processes that orders go through until they are delivered. The quick links will take you to their websites for more details.